Ahhh, Roma. Italy’s iconic capital. Jam-packed with fascinating history, monuments and centuries-old architecture – get ready to fall in love with Rome.

Visit the Colosseum

It goes without saying that Rome is notorious for its ancient landmarks, like it’s fascinating 2,000 year-old Colosseum. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, this mind-blowing brick facade once hosted up to 50,000 spectators for one spectacular gladiator battle! Catch the metro to Colosseo station from your accommodation to arrive. How about Legends Hostel, located just 30 minutes from the site itself?

Admire Renaissance paintings at the Vatican

Head over to the Vatican to fulfil your fascination for art history. The Vatican is a city-state surrounded by Rome, known as the smallest state in the whole of Europe. Marvel over Michaelangelo’s masterpieces, depicting Renaissance frescoes covering every single square inch of the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You’ll be amazed! 

Taste authentic Italian cuisine

You might want to skip breakfast today – it’s time to prepare your stomachs for a whole day of eating mouth-watering Italian delicacies! Head off on a free walking tour with your hostel (how about Wiki Hostel & Green Village?), and discover the incredible flavours of the capital. You’ll fall in love with Rome’s fresh handmade dough and tangy tomato sauce, smothered in cheese and toppings to your heart’s desire.

Make a wish at Trevi Fountain

Ready to make your dreams a reality? Toss a coin in the otherworldly Trevi Fountain and watch your wish come true. An awesome display of Baroque architecture made from stunning white stone and crystal-flowing water beneath, this romantic spot has seen many proposals and featured in famous films – you cannot miss the chance to see it yourself!

Watch the sunset at Gianicolo

What better way to finish the trip than by enjoying a beautiful evening sunset at Gianicolo park, dotted on the second highest hill of the city of Rome. Located in the famous Roman district of Trastevere, see how many sites you can spot while enjoying an ice cream with your travel partners and hostel friends. After that, be sure to head back in time for happy hour at M&J hostel ahead of your night out.