There’s no doubt about it – visiting Spain during one of their iconic myriad festivals is an experience you’ll never forget! For a whole lot of fun and fiestas, read on to discover our top festivals picks in the nation:

La Tomatina (Tomato Fight Festival)

One of the craziest festivals of them all (you heard it here first) – La Tomatina, located in Bunol, draws in thousands of festival-goers every year to throw tomatoes at one another all in the name of tradition! 

But why is this a tradition, you ask?

Originating nearly 70 years ago, disruption occurred during a parade which led participants to grab food from the nearest fruit stall in sight to show who’s boss. La Tomatina is one of the most anticipated yearly festivals, so get your tickets early or miss out!

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Las Fallas De Valencia (Festival Of Fire)

Head down to Valencia in mid-march to experience Spain’s take on carnivals! Over a four day period, the city (quite literally) goes up in flames, and quite honestly, puts Guy Fawkes Night to shame. Come along and admire the paper-mache designs during the day, followed by epic bonfires that light up all night – they will take your breath away!

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La Feria de Abril

Also known as the April Fair of Seville, this weeklong celebration is one you cannot miss! You’ll fall head over heels for Spanish culture with the vibrant colors, entertainment, and flamenco-like, Andalusian art! Not to mention the mouth-watering food, wine, and other traditional delicacies to give you energy to party the night (or week) away at La Feria de Abril! Who’s in?

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Wine Battle of Haro

If you haven’t had enough of tomato throwing, why not come along to Battala de Vino extravaganza and do it with wine instead? Every year in June, thousands flock to the La Rioja region in Spain, famous for its wonderful vineyards and incredible wine. But to really get a taste of it? Coming down at 9am to pour buckets of it over people’s heads! This wild party is always a blast, and you won’t regret making the trip to join in yourself!

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La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)

For some awesome beats and happy feet, La Tamborrada in San Sebastian is always a party! Synonymous with noise and nuisance, this iconic festival runs 24 hours of the day, where you can listen to the crashing and bashing of the drum beat under the Spanish summer heat. Discover massive parades of tourists and locals alike, all coming together for one reason – fiesta! Be sure to add this one to your trip in 2021.

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