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HandyHostel is your opportunity to achieve your investment goals.

We’ve created a mobile app designed for young travelers, digital nomads and single travelers. It helps them find the best deals in town for secret spots, events, tours, sports activities and more. Our B2B model provides hostels with the opportunity to improve customers satisfaction and increase their profits with cross and up-sell strategies.

We are solving problems for two types of customers: travelers and hostels worldwide. We know that there are a few options for apps to book travel experiences out there. However, none of them are focused exclusively on young people, and most of them have ordinary and boring activities. Not to mention that they don’t have options that fit young people’s budgets. HandyHostel serves to provide them with what’s missing: authentic travel.

On the business side – our expertise: hostels – every accommodation is looking to communicate better with their guests and make more money, especially after the crisis we had been through. However, there are no solutions on the market that explicitly helps hostels increase their revenues if not with bed bookings. We think differently. We make them grow through cross-selling and upsells without spending their precious time focusing on providing the best service possible to their guests. 

We formed a team of founders that are experts in travel, technology, and business to transform the way people experience their trips and give the tourism industry innovation that brings results without spending time.

With the success of this business model for hostels, we’ll be able to expand our application to other markets like hotels, private lodging, airports and any other business that receives tourists that want to grow profit and increase customer satisfaction.

If you think this might be a good deal, you can schedule a short call to talk to our CEO & Founder, Bruno Abrantes. He can answer your questions and provide you with more information such as financial projections, founders’ agreement, term sheet, and so on. 


First, our team of founders is highly experienced in business, startups, sales and travel. We have been in many successful companies and fully understand our skills, competencies and responsibility in each area of expertise. Secondly, our full-time CEO and founder, Bruno Abrantes, has 15 years of experience in sales, business, team leadership and technology. He is a traveler and constant user of hostels and has lived inside hostels for more than one and a half years in his life. He understands what hostel owners, managers, employees, and guests are looking for.

Our CTO, José Henrique, has 25 years of experience in project management, leading IT teams and generating great products for many different enterprises and startups. 

Our CFO, Antônio Carlos, is a veteran entrepreneur with over 45 years of experience in business, and he is also an expert in Entrepreneurship and High Performance.

We earn money with commissions from sales of the travel experiences. In the future, we want to charge subscriptions for hostels, experiences providers partners to use our platform, and travelers with access to premium features on the app.

Sharing with the hostels the commission we get from the travel experiences we sell, we make them our main partners and salesperson, which means that they help us invite their guests to the app when the check-in is going on. It’s a win-win partnership.

We also have social media strategies to show our app to hostels, travel experience providers and young travelers.

The hostel market is growing globally, with millions of travelers seeking this type of accommodation to pay less and mainly to meet new people and enjoy travel in a unique way.

Many believe that the hostel market is only for people with little money, but the reality is that young travelers staying in hostels are spending an average of 100 euros per day on their trips.

There are approximately 300 million youth trips in this model occurring in the world every year. There are not a lot of technological solutions for the hostel industry, but there is plenty of opportunities.

Our direct competitors are Airbnb Experience, Viator, and GuetYourGuide, which have a platform for booking travel experiences. Our indirect competitors are HostelWorld, Booking.com, and others that handle travelers’ bed reservations. They all compete with us. However, none of them are especially taking care of the young travelers market as we are. We keep an eye on the evolution of these brands and their solutions and try to implement what they don’t do yet or what they don’t do well.

We started our project in October 2019. In June 2020, we launched our app in the Apple and Google Play stores. It is essential to mention that we are bootstrapping, investing all our time and money to realize this project perfectly.

We have participated in three acceleration programs: Demium Startups, Founder Institute, and NewChip. We have our incorporation in Portugal and are a C-Corp in Delaware, USA.

We started our sales operations in July 2021, right after the countries opened their borders and it was possible to do tourism activities. Since then, we already have sales revenues, and the amount of downloads has been increasing day by day.

We already have 26 partner hostels in Portugal, 1 in the United States and Spain. Now we are expanding to three Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.