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Ready to ride the wave with us this week? We’re taking you on a trip to discover the most epic surf camps worldwide. From the epic coastline of New South Wales to secluded spots in East Java’s national park – there’s a camp out there for you. Ready to checkRead More
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Picture this: quarantine is over and you’re planning the biggest party of your life. What better place to do this than deep in the madness of Bangkok? Thanks to all of us at HandyHostel, you’re in for the biggest adventure yet – here’s our list of the most epic hostelsRead More
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When we go traveling we all know it’s imperative to bring home souvenirs that come with inspiring stories. Luckily for South American travelers, Colombia is no stranger to the souvenir – from stylish sombreros to high-altitude coffee and coca leaves, make sure there’s space in your case because you’ve gotRead More
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Wanna ditch the holiday hotspots this year? Head off the beaten path and discover some of the world’s most spectacular yet underrated travel destinations – which may fall short of tourists but thrives in rich history, quirky cultural traditions, and otherworldly landscapes. Here’s our take on some of the topRead More
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Our team came up with the great idea of compiling the five types of backpackers you might meet on your trips around the world. Check it out!   The Guitar Dude or Girl  They’re always singing and playing the guitar somewhere. Their fingers are usually plucking the strings, making newRead More
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