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The Institute for Economics and Peace carries out an annual ranking of which countries in the world are the safest, called the Global Peace Index. That’s because crime there is practically nonexistent. In 2017, 4 homicides were recorded. And the last time there was a record of crime like that,Read More
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In addition to visiting the city of Zurich, my trip to the small mountainous country had a very specific reason: to meet Jungfrau, an alp whose top is considered the highest point in all of Europe. At 4,158 meters high, don’t think that you would need to be a climberRead More
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Four hundred guests in luxury rooms overlooking the Earth. This is the promise of the company Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), which announced the start of construction of the hotel in space for the year 2025. According to the company, the luxury hotel, which will be called “Voyager Station”, is dividedRead More
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Who has never dreamed of visiting paradisiacal beaches, at least once in their life? There are plenty of beautiful beaches around the planet to please those who love everything that a place like this can offer. Blue sea, lots of nature, and beautiful natural scenery: check out 07 of theseRead More
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If your biggest concern to hit the road is what to do with the pets that will stay at home, I will show you some alternatives and unmissable tips on what to do so that nothing goes wrong with the trip, much less with your pet. Traveling with animals, especiallyRead More
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This is not a title just to get your attention. It is possible to rent a car for just one dollar and I will explain how. The answer is called relocation. This practice is very common in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and is also gaining strength inRead More
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The photographer Karim Bouchetata has captured, in recent weeks, a phenomenon that surprises many of us: the formation of snow in the largest hot desert on the planet. But rest assured that the world is not ending – at least not yet. This is not the first time that theRead More
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Lisbon is a city dominated by slopes, cobblestones, stones, and many roads are lined with the so-called “Portuguese sidewalk,” which can be slippery and irregular. Still, a person with a disability or mobility difficulties can visit the most famous tourist spots that exist there. Especially in the lower part ofRead More
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Dubai has opened its doors to tourists fleeing the constraints imposed on the world against the coronavirus pandemic. It presents itself as a sunny place, without quarantine or curfew, despite the increase in infections. While other tourist destinations apply restrictions to control the health crisis, the land of huge numbersRead More
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The Traveler Review Awards recognized the most hospitable regions in the world. The first place went to Taitung Country, in Taiwan. The prize chose the winners based on the reviews of the accommodations travelers made on Booking. Check the top cozy regions according to the travelers. Taitung County (Taiwan) TaitungRead More
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