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Forty-five meters in a straight line seem like a lot to you? And 45 meters to go down a hill? What if you go down this hill on crutches? There are those who say that this is not a task for someone with a disability like mine. After all, howRead More
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If you like to travel to enjoy urban spaces, you are certainly interested in architecture and the different forms of construction that we find in the most unpretentious corners of each destination. After all, the organization of spaces and buildings says a lot about the history of the place, asRead More
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When I was six, I had a throat infection that migrated and infected my spinal cord. I lost the movement of my legs, the strength of my torso, I couldn’t walk anymore. I had to relearn how to sit, how to crawl, I learned to use a wheelchair, walk withRead More
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Whales have held our fascination and imagination for centuries. These mysterious animals have a language all their own, and hearing their “melancholy tone” as they sing underwater is what many divers report to be one of life’s rare pleasures. They are highly intelligent social animals and continue to amaze thoseRead More
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If traveling makes us feel like we’re living in a movie set, going through these train stations is more than looking for conventional transport. Often immortalized as symbols of magnificence, emotional reunions or melancholy goodbyes, the stations help to tell the cultural history of a community or country. That’s whyRead More
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Since the day we started our project, we aim to transform the lives of travelers and hostels around the world, bringing a new way to experience. Here at HandyHostel, we are passionate about travel and good memories. That’s why we work tirelessly to give the market the best travel appRead More
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If you have that feeling that you are forgetting something important for your trip, this publication can help you. After going through different challenges traveling alone around the world, I listed 07 accessories that could be very relevant in your travels. See what will be the best options for you:Read More
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The Time Out, a British magazine that acts as a guide to the best experiences in the cities of the world, listed the 30 coolest streets in the world. In all, 27 thousand people were interviewed, in addition to local experts and the publication itself, who gave their opinions inRead More
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Anyone who sums up a country like Germany to the cities of Berlin, the capital, and Frankfurt is wrong. Here I present to you one of the cities, in my opinion, the most charming in Europe: Cologne. The city is easily accessible for those in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Luxembourg.Read More
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At the beginning of the year 2021, we made a list of the most eccentric hostels we had ever seen. These are such unusual places that our readers were surprised and we decided to bring more items to your list. Then, when you travel, you will be able to chooseRead More
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