If you have that feeling that you are forgetting something important for your trip, this publication can help you.

After going through different challenges traveling alone around the world, I listed 07 accessories that could be very relevant in your travels.

See what will be the best options for you:

1 – Universal Plug Adapter

Never travel abroad without plug adapters! The absence of this object can get you in trouble depending on the country you are going to visit.

Each country has its own “style” of outlets, and if the charger input on your cell phone or computer, for example, is not compatible, you may experience trouble.

This change happens because each region has its own electrical standards. So, to avoid any problems, it is best to carry a universal adapter in your bag, even for those traveling within the country.

2 – Power Bank

When you are visiting another city or country, we all hope you spend as much time on the street as possible discovering every detail of the local culture. When that happens, you can be sure that at some point your cell phone battery will run out.

And all you don’t want is for this to happen when you need to call an uber/taxi, talk to someone important or even look for an address.

Therefore, without a doubt, this is an indispensable accessory that even helps in the safety of many travelers.

3 – Money Belt

Talking about security, more compact and thin than a fanny pack, the money belt is the best way to carry your documents on a trip.

Because it can be easily hidden under clothing, this prevents you from being the target of theft or, if you’re like me, from losing your most important documents yourself.

I recommend taking this inseparable companion with money, cards, hotel/hostel keys and, of course, your passport.

4 – Satellite locators

This is for the more adventurous who intend to go to regions where cell phone signal is not available. Satellite locators like Spot X will let the most important people in your life know where you are through a map, or receive messages with news from you.

It is a small and portable device, connected to satellites that can exactly triangulate your location (as in police investigation movies).

In emergency situations, just press the SOS button, the center will find your emergency contacts, and provide your location to the local authorities who will carry out the search and rescue.

5 – Passport Cover

I always thought that this item was nothing more than “frills” and something superfluous for those who exaggerate their care. But after my passport was worn out to the point that the coat of arms was not even shown on its cover, I realized the importance of this accessory.

Also, imagine if you somehow spill drink on your passport? Depending on the wear and tear on the document, you can have serious problems migrating from one country to another.

So, in addition to protecting your most important document on a trip, you’ll also be able to safely store inside – and without wrinkling – your boarding passes, immigration forms, etc.

There are models that resemble wallets and others that are just a protective cover. Choose the one that makes the most fits to you.

6 – Cable locks

This will make a difference in the lives of those traveling alone. The peace that a lock like this (the same model used for bicycles) will bring you when you want to go to the bathroom at the airport, for example, or simply relax in a busy restaurant, is priceless.

Just imagine being able to take a nap in a park or park bench (very traveler indeed) without worrying about your luggage.

When I discovered this tip, everything changed in my travels alone. Of course, the tip is also to include padlocks for the zipper of your backpack/suitcase. So you can feel 100% safe.

7 – High absorption towel

Small and efficient, the high absorption towels make a difference for those who are staying in hostels or for those who are going to make a beautiful backpack where they end up passing through different cities in a short period of time.

High absorption towels are efficient, whether to solve an accident involving water, whether for that hotel where the towel has doubtful cleaning or to be used simply to sit on the beach.

They are small, light, and absorb much more water than a normal towel.