Following on with the theme of Lisboa – this week we decided to jump online to talk all things nightlife in our favorite capital. While many deem this lazy city as the ideal setting for simply ‘dinner and drinks’ – we’re here to prove them wrong! From bustling street quarters to decades-old punk clubs, continue reading to discover our ultimate backpackers guide to nightlife in Lisbon:


Dotted through Lisbon are some incredible nightclubs, namely in Bairro Alto – where as early as 10pm you’ll find entire quarters packed with people partying the night away. Here you’ll find beer as cheap as €2 or shots for €1, which draws in tourists and locals from in and around the city all making the most of happy hour(s).

One of our favorite spots is Lounge, located on Rua da Moeda. A laid-back music venue with a young crowd, which isn’t just perfect for backpackers, but you can guarantee to make some local friends here – it’s packed on the weekend! Combining the perfect blend of underground and minimal techno with the occasional live band, you’re in for a treat here and you can take our word for it.

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From the ground floor to the basement, go incognito in one of Lisbon’s most authentic punk clubs. For €5 entry you can come along and enjoy music genres from indie to post-punk, all the way until 4am. Warning: the weekends often get so busy that you can’t move an inch. Luckily, this only goes on until around 2am – so we’d recommend starting your evening in a nearby bar and heading there for afters as you wait for the sun to rise.

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Easily one of the most famous clubs in the city – Lux is home to an enormous, two-floor venue which opened more than twenty years ago! Clubbers love the awesome roof terrace, which makes the perfect breath of fresh air after dancing the night away to electronic music. For €12 you’ll gain access to a whole lot of fun and carnivalesque atmosphere. As soon as its doors are back open, we’ll be first in line.

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If your trips extends past the weekend, you’re in luck because the partying isn’t just confined to days of the week starting with ‘S’. Parque das Nações is known to be the best area for mid-week nightlife, which reflects a long strip with a street full of bars and clubs. From salsa to karaoke bars, the options are plentiful and certainly promising – why not see for yourself?

Lisbon is home to some seriously awesome nightlife that you have to discover in your lifetime. There’s so much option to pick from to suit every age and style – for locals and backpackers alike. If you tried any of our suggestions above, share your photos with us on Instagram for the chance to be featured!

See you in Lisbon…