Stuck on whether or not you should pack in you 9-5 and head off in the adventure of a lifetime? Planning a huge travel trip can often be quite daunting, with so many incredible places to visit and explore, the choice is endless! Just in case you needed that little extra bit of convincing – here’s five reasons why you should go travelling in 2021:

Travel Builds Your Character

Travel is all about challenging yourself and opening up to new experiences. Breaking the ice. Living like it’s your last day – all that jazz. You’ll discover how resourceful you can be when exposed to unique situations, whether it’s translating the local bus timetable or something as simple as ordering a coffee in a new language. Your confidence will soar, and you’ll gain an enviable social and cultural awareness.

Live In The Now

You simply cannot help but live in the moment when you’re travelling. When you’re constantly bouncing from place to place, there’s never a dull moment and sometimes it’s even hard to pinpoint what you got up to yesterday. Travelling forces you to constantly be in the present moment and open up your eyes to the beauty of the world; a world that is ever-changing and always on the go.

Create Meaningful Relationships 

With both yourself and with others around you, you will learn to create truly meaningful relationships. Travel brings people together – yourself included. If you’ve had a rough patch recently and need some space to breathe, travel is the perfect distraction and opportunity to create bonds with people from around the world. You might make friends that last the course of a weekend, or if you’re lucky, you could even meet that special someone who will transform your life completely. It’s an incredibly intriguing (and tempting) thought…

Discover New Cultures

Learning about new cultures, societies and communities will make you soon realise that not everyone lives the same way you do. Discover the blind-spots you may have been subject to in your life back home, and see the beauty of unique ways of living and how people adapt to their financial and geographical circumstances. You’ll become humbled along the way and improve your perception of reality.


Taking some time out from monotonous living has been scientifically proven to increase our happiness, mental, and physical health. Travelling can help you escape something you were perhaps unhappy about or wanted to improve. Once you’ve explored every corner of the world and return to your normal life, you’ll look at everything with a fresh set of eyes, feel grateful, and at peace.

Get ready to pack your bags – you’ve got some lifechanging adventuring to do.